Adam Sandler Has A Magic Sewing Machine In First ‘Cobbler’ Trailer

Adam Sandler The Cobbler

…Here we go again.

I don’t know about you, but I have just about given up on Adam Sandler and his ability to turn my insides to mush with his once signature blend of humor and heart. His last several features have been awful, and regardless of what the box office receipts may claim I am willing to wager you agree with me. How could you not? Blended was shit, Grown Ups 2 somehow letdown people who actually enjoyed Grown Ups, and his recent return to drama with Jason Reitman was panned by essentially everyone who saw it. The vultures are circling.

Not everyone has given up on Sandler however, and soon he will have another film in theaters for his dwindling audience to enjoy. The Cobbler attempts to blend heart and silliness with a story of a shoe repair shop owner who discovers his sewing machine has a magical power. Every time he places a recently repaired shoe on his feet the Cobbler (Sandler) is transformed into the owner of that shoe. This gives him the ability to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and the plot builds from there. Check it out:

Early reviews out of TIFF panned the film for not having anything original or all that interesting to share, but I can admit this trailer is well made. I want to see this movie despite the feeling it will likely disappoint. If that doesn’t speak to the selling power of good editing I don’t know what can.

The Cobbler is slated for release in early 2015, but at this point no specific date has set. Stay tuned.

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