Good Luck Varsity May Be Done, But There’s Still New Material To Be Heard

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About a year ago, Michigan band Good Luck Varsity went their separate ways after differences between members of the band became too great to continue their efforts.

Rumblings of an upcoming album we’re quickly overshadowed by the splitting of the band, and many were left to wonder if any new material would ever surface from Good Luck Varsity.

Today, former guitarist/singer Evan Baker announced some news about Good Luck Varsity via his new group, American Arson. The statement indicates that the guys had indeed recorded a new album before the dissolution of GLV, though it made no confirmation of further releases. Along with the news came a previously unreleased track, “Come What May.”

You can now stream “Come What May” below, download it for free, or purchase it with a donation of your own choosing. You can also read the full statement below. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more from the now-retired Good Luck Varsity.

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Official Statement:

The last year has carried the members of Good Luck Varsity in many directions, far from the Michigan basement where we breathed life into the vision we shared; far from the van seats that carried us to places both foreign and familiar, both loathed and beloved; far away from the dimly lit North Carolina foyer where a simple, honest declaration became a chorus powerful enough to bring the mountains down.

We can never know for certain what will become of the seeds we sow, or whether we’ll even be there to watch them bloom. All we can do is wrap them in every bit of love and conviction we can muster, entrust them to the soil, and let time do what it will with them.

In June of 2013, we planted a seed. We recorded an album that captured the essence of everything that Good Luck Varsity had come to stand for and believe in. That album was eventually buried beneath the turmoil and chaos of a divergence of paths, and it has remained dormant in the 12 months since we fell silent. And while the dust may have settled on Good Luck Varsity, there is one final entry left to be written; one final flower left to bloom. This is the first chapter of that story, a song that would ultimately prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Good Luck Varsity proudly presents: “Come What May.”

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