Andy Shauf Releases “I’m Not Falling Asleep”

Andy Shauf

Andy Shauf is the kind of artist that makes you upset it took so long for their music to reach your ears. Upon first hearing “I’m Not Falling Asleep,” I knew I had been missing out on something I was meant to enjoy.

With the release of “I’m Not Falling Asleep,” a track off of Shauf’s upcoming album, The Bearer Of Bad News, due out Feb. 2, 2015, the Canadian singer-songwriter’s ability to create lush atmospheres with a very minimalist approach is immediately felt. Piano complements soft vocals, as ambient sounds fill the space the track is experienced in.

With the entirety of The Bearer Of Bad News recorded in Shauf’s parents’ basement by himself, there is a level of intimacy immediately felt in the recordings.

Be sure to follow us after the jump to experience “I’m Not Falling Asleep,” and keep an eye out for Andy Shauf. I imagine you will be hearing that name a lot in the future.

Drew Caruso

Drew Caruso is a Bostonian who, when not writing about music and film, spends his time getting lost in New England, reading books, talking about science whether people want to listen or not, and more. To see the thoughts of a scientist by day and a writer by night, follow him on Twitter.
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