REVIEW: Wild Imaginaries – ‘Shades’ EP

wild imaginaries

Artist: Wild Imaginaries
Album: Shades EP
Genre: Pop, Piano Rock
Label: Unsigned

From the ashes of San Francisco band Via Coma comes the next project from the Bay Area trio who are now known as Wild Imaginaries. The group’s first installment comes in the form of a five-song, piano pop EP, titled Shades.

Shades doesn’t directly pick up where Via Coma left off, but that’s not a bad thing at all. As the two band names suggest, the group has shifted from Via Coma’s often dark and eerie sound into a much brighter and poppier mood in their Wild Imaginaries debut. Everything from the lyrical content to the album art has made a similar shift in dynamic, and the haunting harmonies of the past have been replaced by inspiring backing vocals that are quite pleasing to the ears.

How pleasing you ask? Plainly, the Shades EP sounds flawless, which is impressive for a record that was self-recorded in the band’s garage, yet shows no noticeable signs of a home production. Shades‘ powerful dynamic shifts and top-notch production make the record feel larger than life, as lead vocalist Rob Marshall’s voice soars over the breakdowns of songs like “Rhythms.” The execution on Shades is so well done that nearly every one of its five tracks is radio ready and enjoyable from the first listen. The opening track, “Little Weight,” and debut single, “Carousels,” are particularly dangerous; each with an infectious chorus and attracting shimmer capable of dominating the radio waves.

Shades is a must for fans of Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, From Indian Lakes and similar acts. Definitely check it out if you enjoy beautifully composed and thought-provoking pop music with more substance than radio giants like Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea have ever provided.

SCORE: 10/10
Review written by Scott Murray

The Shades EP is out now, and available for purchase on Wild Imaginaries’ Bandcamp page. The band is offering a limited number of unique package deals including t-shirts, trendy sunglasses, pint glasses and other goodies that are selling out fast. The band also released a limited edition 7″ through In The Clouds Records that sold out in record time. See what I did there?

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