Charli XCX Releases Yet Another Punchy Single With “Breaking Up”


It’s almost criminal that Charli XCX‘s sophomore album, Sucker, is dropping in December (for now). Old Charli made sense in cooler months, slick and moody alt-pop that had unfortunate timing in coinciding with Lorde’s rise. This sophomore album has taken a hard left into sun-drenched pop of blissful youth, steering determinedly into the unexpected success of “Boom Clap.” I’m working on a comparison to Avril Lavigne’s shift from Under My Skin to The Best Damn Thing, but it needs some work. They both even have hearts!

Much like past singles “Break the Rules,” “London Queen,” and “Gold Coins” (this is seeming like a lot of singles – Atlantic really wants this record to hit), not to mention the aforementioned song of the summer runner-up, “Breaking Up” is a breezy slice of top down, fists-up pop with a sneaky undercurrent of pop-punk punch. This here comes in the form of a loud, scuzzy guitar and some really emphatic percussion – standard ingredients for Charli on this album.

There is nothing complicated about Sucker‘s promotion. “If you loved “Boom Clap,” you wonderful youths, you need this album. Please. Please need this album.”

Perhaps Sucker will be the perfect antidote to winter blahs, or will have either the staying power or steady proliferation to last until next summer, when this album was made to be played. For now, it’s slated for a December 15 release, and you can pre-order it here.

Tyler Hanan

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