System Of A Down To Play Armenian Genocide Tribute Shows in Europe

System Of A Down 2013

Years ago, the announcement of a System Of A Down reunion launched excitement and rumors of new music from the Armenian metal band. Unfortunately, fans would later receive confirmation that a new album was in fact not in the works.

Despite this, listeners around the world have clung tight to the band’s announcements, hoping that something great would still come from the reformation of the group. Today, some of those fans are going to feel quite lucky.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, System Of A Down have booked several European dates in 2015 including their first ever show in their home country- a free performance in Yerevan’s public square. Additional shows in Moscow, London, Cologne, and Amsterdam have also been announced as part of the ‘Wake Up The Souls Tour.’

You can check out a tour annoucement video from the band below, as well as a full list of dates. Tickets go on sale Friday, Nov 28.

Wake Up The Souls Tour Dates:

4/10 – Wembley Arena – London, ENG
4/13 – Lanxess Arena – Cologne, GER
4/14 – La Halle Tony Garnier – Lyon, FRA
4/16 – Forest National – Brussels, BEL
4/17 – Ziggo Dome – Amsterdam, NET
4/20 – Olympisky – Moscow, RUS
4/23 – Republic Square – Yerevan, ARM

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  • Ergun Kirlikovali


    Armenians took up arms against their own government and killed their Muslim neighbors and fellow Ottoman citizens.What’s even worse, they heinously handed over the city of Van that they had cleansed of Muslims to the Russian commander and then joined the invading enemy armies in search of more Turks to kill. Turks only defended their home. The measure the Turks took to mitigate this serious wartime military threat was TERESET (Temporary Resettlement) of the Armenian insurgents and their supporters

    But that is old history. Since then, a lot has changed. Turks chose to forgive and
    forget and forge ahead with hope. Turks built a nation out of the remnants of a
    collapsed empire and an economy 16th largest in the world today. What did
    Armenians do? Cultivated hatred and vengeance for a bogus genocide. They should blame their leaders (Dashnaks) for causing Armenians to undermine a millennium of relatively peaceful cohabitation with Turks in Anatolia. They should hold accountable the Dasnaks, Huncaks, Armenakans, Ramgavars, Nemesis, ASALA, JCAG and other Armenian terror groups for sawing discord and polarization in the Ottoman communities and then taking it to the next step: backstabbing, revolts, and treason. This has not happened in the Armenian community yet, because it was always easier to defame and demonize Turks and other Muslims. It was easier to embellish personal suffering to imply a collective conclusion of genocide, totally disregarding the Armenian complicity and Turkish suffering in the process.

    Time has come to see the other side of the medallion. Maybe 2015 will provide a
    forum for civilized debates by honest truth-seekers, not media spinsters like
    this Fethiye Cetin woman. maybe reasonable people will finally remember to
    inquire about the other side of the story. No fairness in approach to Turkish-Armenian conflict means no closure.

    It is time for Armenians to stop fighting WWI, it is over. It is time for more research and dialog, not name-calling and polarization. I say give peace a chance, as any music cultivating hate does not serve peace.

  • clarkharry86

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