UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: The Classic Crime – “We All Look Elsewhere (Revisited)”

the classic crime

After reaching the milestone of existing an entire decade as a band, The Classic Crime looked to celebrate with the assistance of their fans. Creating a Kickstarter project that received over triple its original goal, the Seattle outfit were thus able to recently release What Was Done, Vol. 1: A Decade Revisited — a phenomenal compilation of re-recorded fan favorites that guitarist/vocalist Matt MacDonald explains in further detail:

“I think a lot of folks were expecting an acoustic record, or very live sounding, stripped-down versions of our songs. To be honest, that’s what we were planning to do, until we raised three times the support we needed to make the record. It became something bigger, much more layered, and much more interesting in my opinion, so it was nice to give that to our supporters and read their reactions to it.”

As for specific songs on the record, “We All Look Elsewhere (Revisited)” is quite the standout as it allowed MacDonald to fulfill his “decade-long dream” of performing the “Danny-Elfman-style symphonic arrangements.” With the new approach, MacDonald also feels the lyrical content of “We All Look Elsewhere” is conveyed in a more pure form: “Real strings are like voices, they aren’t fretted instruments so the pitch waivers. When you add a lot of that to a song, it gives it this trembling sort of vibe, this natural, emotional sound of multiple voices. That sound, I think, better suits the emotion of the lyrics than the wall-of-sound, 4-layers-of-distorted-guitars, perfectly tuned and gridded structure that our band originally was known for.”

Thus, it only makes sense the outfit would craft a visual component for the newly revived track with a brand new lyric video, a video that we have the pleasure of exclusively premiering today. Without further ado, check out “We All Look Elsewhere (Revisited)” below and be sure to pick up a copy of What Was Done, Vol. 1: A Decade Revisited on iTunes if you have yet to purchase the record.

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