Wings Denied Announce Co-headlining Tour With Cryptodira

Wings Denied

Hey, prog-metal heads: Washington D.C. based prog-metal band Wings Denied just announced a co-headlining tour in January with New York’s Cryptodira. The bands will be making 13 stops, primarily on the East Coast, ending back in Wings Denied’s hometown of DC.

Wings Denied released their debut full-length, Mirrors for a Prince, this past May, and if an intricate mix of djent and metalcore sounds right up your alley, you should check out their album after the break, which I graciously embedded for you to stream. Despite Mirrors for a Prince being their first full-length, the record feels very large and ambitious, which is always interesting to see from a young band. If that doesn’t sway you, it was also recorded by Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Glass Casket), so that’s pretty rad, isn’t it? Cryptodira is also gearing up for a new release very soon, so get ready for that.

Enough talk, click through the break and check out the dates, and give Wings Denied’s new album a listen. You’ll probably be moshing at some point, so maybe read through the dates first so you can pit/sing/dance in your bedroom or cubicle.

wings denied tour poster

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