Ryan Reynolds Confirms He Will Star In The ‘Deapool’ Movie


Months after the surprising leak of a glossy pitch video for a never greenlit big screen adaptation of the popular Marvel character Deadpool there is now news that the beloved mercenary will soon be in cinemas around the globe.

We already told you that a Deadpool movie would be hitting theaters in 2016, and we also suggested that it was highly likely Ryan Reynolds – the actor who performed in the pitch video – would return to play Deadpool. Today, the actor confirmed this rumor when he tweeted an image of Deadpool designed entirely out of bullets and shell casings, along with the caption “Ugh..it’s chimichanga time.” You can view the tweet below.

Deadpool – aka Wade Wilson – is known by many comic book fans as the merc with the mouth. He’s a smartass, wise crackin’ killer who loves Mexican food almost as much as he loves himself. Reynolds has been a fan favorite to portray the character for about a decade at this point, so let’s hope our patience and social media outcry pays off when the world’s first (of hopefully many) Deadpool film hits cinemas February 12, 2016.

James Shotwell

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