Hidden In Plain View To Play ‘Life In Dreaming’ Ten-Year Anniversary Shows


New Jersey veteran pop-punkers Hidden In Plain View have been making noise in little bursts since making their return from hiatus. This includes playing shows again both at Skate & Surf and in cities like NYC/Philadelphia, and even releasing a new song called “No Way Out” back in September. Now the band has plans to play their classic debut album, Life In Dreaming, from front to back for its ten-year anniversary next year.

The band has long been teasing of doing something for the album that includes hits like “Bleed For You” and “Twenty Below” so this announcement comes at a perfect time to celebrate its impact on the music scene. Below, you can check out a statement from their official website regarding what the band had to say about what the album means to them and what their plans are to commemorate it:

It seems like a lifetime ago. And yet, at the same time, it feels like it was just yesterday that we packed up our gear and pulled out of 4th Street Studio in Santa Monica, California. We were headed home on what would be the now familiar forty hour drive back to New Jersey. Having just spent 7 weeks with Producer Jim Wirt, we were exhausted, but those days were unforgettable. The sessions were long, spending nearly 16 hours each day working harder than we had ever worked before on our music. But everything was so new and exciting that the time truly seemed to just fly by. And just like that, there we were. The five of us crammed back into our van – equipment, luggage, and all – making our way back across the country. I remember waking up after a short and almost certainly interrupted sleep and putting in the CD that contained our rough mixes from the session. It was then that I finally let myself take it all in. I was finally outside of the studio listening to our songs – not guitar parts or drum fills or any of the other details you obsess over while recording – I was listening to our very first album. We hadn’t yet decided what we were going to call it, but at that moment it didn’t matter. I knew we made something special. Ten years later, I still feel the same way.

To mark the Ten Year Anniversary of the release of our album “Life In Dreaming,” we will be performing the record in its entirety front to back at a few select locations. An album that has meant so much to all of our lives deserves to be properly celebrated, so please join us in doing so!

So far, there’s only one date in NYC announced for April 11, 2015 at the Gramercy Theatre and two dates in the UK for the tour. You can get tickets for these shows located on their official website. Be sure to stay close with UTG as more updates come in for this highly anticipated tour.

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