City And Colour Stream Unreleased Track, “Nowhere, Texas”

City And Colour 2012

In conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, Canadian singer-songwriter, Dallas Green, more known to the public as City And Colour, has released a beautiful new track entitled “Nowhere, Texas.”

Originally written for the record cycle of his 2013 release, The Hurry And The Harm, Green reports that “Nowhere, Texas” is inspired by the film Texas Killing Fields, and it is to act as a call to awareness of women’s violence and its end.

Follow us after the jump to see what Green had to say to Alternative Press about the track, as well as stream it for yourself.

Speaking with Alternative Press, Green shares:

I’ve held on to it all this time and chosen to release it as a way to bring attention to something around us everyday: violence against women. I wrote the song after watching a movie, “Texas Killing Fields.” I couldn’t shake the real story of a lonely road that became the final resting place of missing women. This song tells that story – but sadly this road does not stand alone. Places like this are everywhere.

The song is available for purchase here, with all profits going to the YWCA of Canada’s Rose Campaign, who works towards the end of violence against women.

Dana Reandelar

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