Anna Kendrick Sings Us Through An Emotional ‘The Last 5 Years’ Trailer


We’re all excited for Pitch Perfect 2, but that sequel wasn’t the only outcome of 2012’s surprise hit. Though the delightful Anna Kendrick‘s singing credentials were well established – the actress was nominated for a Tony award at 13 for her role in 1998’s High Society – Pitch Perfect made her singing a bankable commodity. So, sprinkled in with her bevy of indie work, the actress has a number of big parts that have her singing on-screen again: this December’s Into the Woods and next year’s The Last 5 Years.

The latter is a film adaptation by P.S. I Love You director Richard LaGravanese of Jason Robert Brown’s 2001 musical of the same name. Co-starring with Kendrick is Jeremy Jordan, a pretty face who, though he doesn’t have a film career resembling Kendrick’s, is a Tony award nominee who can certainly hold his own when singing. 

The recent trailer for the film shows a movie that will not be afraid to go big and brash, with characters singing and dancing across stages and New York City streets. It also seems the film will, in part, ditch the play’s narrative structure of having one lead’s story told in chronological order and the other’s in reverse. The trailer hints at some vestiges of this but, unless the trailer’s selectively edited to hide that, it certainly seems like we’ll get plenty of our leads cavorting about in romantic bliss.

Even if we scoff prematurely at this, though, there’s no doubting the pipes present here. Besides that, Kendrick is delightful in all things – see her singing of the stripper’s snake, Wayne. A number of stealth cameos will be in the film, including two actresses who played Kendrick’s role and Brown himself. The film is set for a February 2015 release.

Tyler Hanan

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