New ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer Runs Over 2015 Competition


By the time Mad Max: Fury Road releases, it will be 30 long years worth of waiting since the lackluster Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Following that really cool Comic-Con footage released this past summer, we have the new trailer for your heads to try to wrap around. Spoiler alert: this may be the best movie of the summer based on the footage below. Check it out!

So we have scorched desert, vehicular carnage, crazy cults, and a quietly reserved Max played by Tom Hardy. What we see here is a level of mayhem that is almost balletically done by director George Miller. Hook this trailer up to a stereo and turn it up to full blast because this is all we are getting until May 15 in theaters. Sound back in the comments and let us at UTG know what you think about the trailer!

Sam Cohen

Sam Cohen is that guy you can't have a conversation with without bringing up Michael Mann. He is also incapable of separating himself from his teenage angst (looking at you, Yellowcard). Read on as he tries to formulate words about movies!
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