S. Carey Debuts Alternative Version of “Neverending Fountain,” Announces New EP

S. Carey

If you weren’t aware, I absolutely loved S. Carey’s latest album, Range Of Light. It is currently my only 10/10 review, and no album this year has topped it for me. If you are not familiar with S. Carey, be sure to check him out. He is a drummer/multi-instrumentalist for Bon Iver, and fans of Bon Iver with surely feel at home with S. Carey’s beautiful work.

It is with this love that I am happy to say that S. Carey will be releasing a new EP this coming February. The Supermoon EP will be dropping Feb. 17, 2015, and will feature reimagined songs from his first two albums, a Radiohead cover for “Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was,” as well as a new original track, “Supermoon.”

Supermoon will thematically be consistent with breaking tracks down to their essential parts, making sure that only the beauty of the bare bones shine through.

Follow us after the jump to experience the mesmerizing re-imagining of “Neverending Fountain,” the closer to Range Of Light.

Drew Caruso

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