No One Can Deny Chela’s “Handful Of Gold”


Our friends at Noisey are great at having their thumb on the pulse of what will soon become the ‘next big thing,’ and earlier today they did the world a favor by sharing the amazing new video and infectious single from Chela.

If you don’t know Chela yet, don’t worry. There is still time to hop on this up and coming singer’s bandwagon before she breaks through to the mainstream, but I imagine things will begin moving pretty quickly now that the world is able to enjoy her song “Handful Of Gold.” The track, which feels as much inspired by what is popular right now as it the best pop music of the late 1980s, has an infectious nature that not a single living soul will be able to deny. The video is equally entertaining, with Chela and her friends dancing at their local taco eatery. Check it out:

If you like what you hear, please consider buying “Handful Of Gold” on iTunes. We’ll bring you more on Chela and her plans for world domination in the weeks ahead.

James Shotwell

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