Kid Cudi And King Chip Join Forces On “Chillen While We Sippin”


Cleveland has been a hotbed for hip-hop talent during the last decade, but not every great project made its way to the masses. Today, a never-before-released 2010 collaboration from Kid Cudi and King Chip found its way online, and it just might be the best song you hear this week.

Let’s set the scene: It’s 2010 and both Cudi and Chip are poised to have big years. While not promoting their individual efforts, the two get together and plan a collaborative mixtape that, for one reason or another, is never completed. During those sessions, however, they do manage to connect over a beat produced by both Blended Babies and Chuck Inglish. That track, titled “Chillen While We Sippin,” can be heard below:

I would give just about anything to hear this ‘lost’ record in full, but I’d settle for another single or two. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this newly unearthed rarity.

James Shotwell

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