The Movielife Announce a Reunion

VInnie Caruana of I Am The Avalanche

It brings me great pleasure to post something about Vinnie Caruana and the boys from The Movielife and not have to tell you to continue dreaming about a reunion.

Today, in an interview with Noisey, the band confirmed that they would indeed be reuniting. They will playing a one-off show in New York, at the Irving Plaza on February 7, which is all that is set in stone. But, in the midst of the interview, the band mentions that that show will just be the beginning.

“Our plan is to start at Irving Plaza and go from there. There are pieces of land on this planet that we want to bring our gear onto and play on. I don’t think the UK would allow us to reunite and not come visit them. I think the hatred and frustration would implode the whole country, so we’re definitely going to come over there, I think. I mean, I’d like to. Brandon and I are the two biggest Anglophiles in the band, so the two of us definitely want to visit… The main goal for me with keeping The Movielife alive and playing shows for years to come is just to be happy doing it with all these guys.”

Those words make me tear up.

Check out the entire interview here, and stay tuned to UTG for any further developments from The Movielife camp.

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