UTG PHOTOS: Clockwork Indigo – Flatbush Zombies And The Underachievers (12/5/14)

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Under The Gun sent photographer Derek Scancarelli to Best Buy Theater in New York City to photograph Clockwork Indigo on December 5, 2014.

In October, Brooklyn hip-hop crews Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers dropped a collaborative EP entitled Clockwork Indigo.

The New York City stop of the Clockwork Indigo Tour marked the last weekend of a 36-date run of shows around the United States where the groups took stage under their A Clockwork Orange inspired collaboration.

Aside from the Stanley Kubrick themed logos, the other main semblances to the director’s obscure and maniacal styling was the raw energy and madness the powerhouse of hip-hop acts brought to the stage.

After performing individual sets, the groups did a quick wardrobe change and rocked out together to a sold-out Times Square crowd. The room was filled with smoke, and while bodies weren’t busy dropping, the crowd was getting wild.


Underachievers (C) Derek Scancarelli

Underachievers (C) Derek Scancarelli-2

Underachievers (C) Derek Scancarelli-3

Underachievers (C) Derek Scancarelli-4

Underachievers (C) Derek Scancarelli-5

Underachievers (C) Derek Scancarelli-6


Flatbush Zombies (C) Derek Scancarelli

Flatbush Zombies (C) Derek Scancarelli-2

Flatbush Zombies (C) Derek Scancarelli-3

Flatbush Zombies (C) Derek Scancarelli-7

Flatbush Zombies (C) Derek Scancarelli-4

Flatbush Zombies (C) Derek Scancarelli-5

Flatbush Zombies (C) Derek Scancarelli-6


Clockwork Indigo (C) Derek Scancarelli-2

Clockwork Indigo (C) Derek Scancarelli

Clockwork Indigo (C) Derek Scancarelli-6

Clockwork Indigo (C) Derek Scancarelli-3

Clockwork Indigo (C) Derek Scancarelli-4

Clockwork Indigo (C) Derek Scancarelli-5

Photography by: Derek Scancarelli

Derek Scancarelli

Derek Scancarelli is a feature writer, interviewer, videographer, photographer, radio-er and more. In 2015, he received his MA in Journalism in New York City. In addition to Under The Gun Review, Derek has worked with Noisey (VICE), Alternative Press, New Noise Magazine and many more. He also pushes some buttons at SiriusXM.

Comedian Jim Norton once called him a serial killer on national radio. Enjoy the internet with him on Twitter.
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