Set Your Goals Vocalist Starts New Band, Chains


Set Your Goals have been in a quiet phase since releasing two singles in “Only Right Now” and “I’ll Walk It Off.”

Currently, vocalist Matt Wilson has broken this silence by releasing information about his new project called Chains. The band itself is a step away from the accustomed SYG sound with a darker tone and lyrics. Here is what Wilson had to say about the new project:

“I am equal parts darkness and light, and I have always had ideas that wouldn’t quite work for Set Your Goals; either the lyrics were too dark or the parts were too aggressive,” admitted Wilson. “Chains is an outlet for that. Once Set Your Goals slowed down I was able to put my ideas into motion. I grew up listening to extreme music, and this project is more in line with those tastes.”

The band will release a debut EP called The Sorrow, The Sadness early next year through Calaveras Records. Listen to a new track titled “Cages” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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