Netflix Is Coming To…Tumblr?


The world’s largest film and television streaming platform has revealed plans to further expand its already immense digital empire. Starting January 1, Netflix is coming to Tumblr.

Wait, what?

You read that right. Netflix will be launching an official Tumblr tie-in site on January 1, 2015. A video teasing the launch has been released online. You can view the clip, which runs less than thirty seconds in length and offers almost no explanation whatsoever, at the end of this post.

Little is known about the company’s plans for their Tumblr page, but at the very least it seems users of the popular microblogging platform will have a new, go-to destination for gifs, clips, and stills from their favorite Netflix original series. We will bring you more information on the company’s plans for their new microsite as soon as additional information becomes available.

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