Watch Broken Social Scene’s New Music Video For “Golden Facelift”

broken social scene

As 2014 comes to a close, Canadian indie-rock band Broken Social Scene have premiered a new video for their song “Golden Facelift,” from the recording sessions of 2010’s Forgiveness Rock Record.

Part of a collaboration between Arts & Crafts and The Globe and Mail, “Golden Facelift” comes from Broadsheet Music: A Year in Review which features tracks from the Arts & Crafts’ label as well as from the Canadian Opera Company. The band shared a music video for the song today, set to serve as a kind of recap of the year.

“Golden Facelift” is a song recorded during the Forgiveness Rock Record sessions, but ultimately did not make the final cut for one reason or another. It is a song we as a band all felt strongly about lyrically and musically and we wanted to give it a proper unveiling when the time was right. We feel that chance is now as this year draws to a close. 2014 has not been without its beauty, but it has also been a year of incredible brutality and all of humanity has a great deal to answer for. Broken Social Scene aims to echo the voice and concerns of the underdog while creating music that will hopefully inspire those who are doing good and useful things for this planet and humankind.

Watch the video below.

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