Ring in 2015 With MØ’s New Song “New Years Eve”


Danish pop singer Karen Marie Ørsted donned the moniker and has turned 2014 into her shining year. With her gorgeous debut LP No Mythologies To Follow and several jaw-dropping sets at festivals, she began hiking her way up the charts as a star. Today, she raises her glass to the last 12 months in a beautiful, emotive new song titled “New Years Eve.”

The mellow number draws several comparisons to Lykke Li thanks to somber drawls and melancholic piano. As she traces issues from this year, Ørsted looks to the future with hopes to forget the difficulties that clouded over us. “As a thanks to all of you who’ve been supporting me in 2014, here’s a new song,” she wrote on Facebook. We’re the ones who should be thanking her. Maybe it’s from the old black and white film clips or maybe it’s because she’s got a sad nostalgia in her tone, but the song and its music video are getting us a little choked up.

Check it out below:

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