A$AP Rocky Drops “Pretty Flacko 2”


Almost exactly two years have passed since A$AP Rocky turned hip-hop upside down with the release of Live.Long.Asap. Rocky’s output has been slacking over the last year or so, but last night he welcomed the new year by providing a sneak peak at what he’s got in store for fans in 2015.

“Pretty Flacko 2” plays like a trailer for whatever album/mixtape the A$AP Mob ringleader is currently preparing to share with the world. The two-minute track features bars on bars on bars, all delivered through Rocky’s signature rhyme-heavy flow. You can stream the song below:

Pretty great, right? Let’s take a quick look at some of Rocky’s finest lines:

I ain’t never looking for no hand outs
Broke ass niggas never helpin’ but they hands out
Find out where the fuck nigga live then we camp out
Screamin’ “fuck the world,” never catch me with my pants down

Flacko season is approaching, people. Prepare yourselves. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

James Shotwell

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