BrokenCYDE Ask The Internet To Give A Shit About Their New Album, Internet Says “No”


Remember BrokenCYDE? If you say no it’s only because you don’t want to be outed for the superfan you no doubt were, at least for a short period of time.

Just as the trend of bands getting famous from having popular MySpace pages was beginning to die out, along came a group called BrokenCYDE who would both baffle and confuse the music community at large. Hailing from New Mexico with a sound they describe as ‘crunkcore,’ this group of misfits delivered a series of singles, and later albums, that featured lush electronic productions buried under numerous vocal layers filled with vocoder and bad screaming. If you need a refresher on what this type of music sounds like, look no further than the group’s video for “Booty Call,” which oddly features an appearance from iconic rapper E-40:

Pretty hard to believe this shit was popular for a while, right?

BrokenCYDE hung around for a while, but eventually the audience for crunkcore moved on to other trendy offshoots, and slowly the buzz around the group faded to silence.

At the beginning of the new year, BrokenCYDE surprised fans by revealing plans to make a comeback with the launch of an Indiegogo campaign aimed at funding the group’s next studio album. This would be a fully independent release, and in order to make the album they have in mind the members of BrokenCYDE are seeking $30,000 in fan donations. At the time of this post only a little over $600 had been raised, but to be fair there are still 35 Days left to contribute.

Explaining their decision to return, as well as their need for such large funds, BrokenCYDE wrote:

We are BC13 or better known as BrokenCYDE, we have appeared on TV, Radio and anywhere else people would have us! We have had songs on the Billboard Top 200 chart and music video’s go viral with views in the millions. We have been around the world headlining shows signing autographs, doing shots, parting in your towns and we never want it to stop! None of this would have ever happened without the continued support of YOU our fans. So we ask you to team up with us again to make music happen! It’s not been an easy path making music, but it’s our love of creating music that keeps us pushing through. This is a new start for us, our next move is to TAKE IT ALL BACK! Its time we do what we want, when we want and how we want to do it! Our goal is to become independent of the label by raising money to fund our music! With your help, we can raise enough money to finish and release our next album! The money we raise will cover recording, marketing and maybe some touring expenses. With your help we can make this dream come true! This is the first step in gaining our independence from having to rely on the financial support of a label to release our music. We are determined to change this cycle, so here we go!

Best of luck, BrokenCYDE. You’re going to need it.

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