Death Grips Drop Surprise Instrumental Album, ‘Fashion Week,’ For Free


If you think you’re confused, we imagine everyone else is, too. After announcing their breakup in July of last year, Death Grips have since then unveiled a double LP (The Powers That B), an eclectic music video, and now are bringing us a surprise instrumental full-length album entitled Fashion Week.

With the still impending release of Jenny Death, the second half of The Powers That B (set for a February 10 release according to Amazon), the experimental hip-hop duo still seem to be in the process of actually calling it quits. Available to download for free here, the new record consists of fourteen instrumental tracks that will send your morning into quite the trance.

As if they haven’t given us enough crypticness, Fashion Week‘s track list, which you can find with the stream below, contains titles that all begin with the word “Runway” followed by one letter, collectively spelling out “JENNY DEATH WHEN.”

If you’d like to sit down and sort all this out, you can do so while listening to Fashion Week below, and let us know what you think.

Fashion Week track list:
01 – Runway J
02 – Runway E
03 – Runway N
04 – Runway N
05 – Runway Y
06 – Runway D
07 – Runway E
08 – Runway A
09 – Runway T
10 – Runway H
11 – Runway W
12 – Runway H
13 – Runway E
14 – Runway N

Dana Reandelar

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