Topshelf Records Announce 93-Track Sampler For MSPCA

topshelf records

Starting the new year off in good spirits, Topshelf Records has announced the release of their annual label sampler. This year, the compilation will contain a whopping ninety-three tracks from a fistful of great bands.

The label has put a ‘Name Your Price tag on the sampler, as proceeds will go directly to the Massachusetts Society For The Prevention of Animal Cruelty. The label raised over $1,000 for the good cause last year and is hoping to beat that number this time around.

The sampler will feature tracks from bands like A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, The Jazz June, Braid, You Blew It!, and so many more. Physical pre-orders will be available soon here, while digital orders are now available here via Bandcamp.

You can check out a statement from the label below, along with streams of a select few tracks from the sampler.


“We know, we know — it’s 2015 now. Like anything we do, though, we took our sweet time to finish this. So here it is: our annual digital sampler, a half year late! If you’ve downloaded any of our previous samplers, you might notice this year’s has a lot of tracks — we thought this was an incredible year for music and wanted to showcase the new, new-to-us or just downright exciting people making music that we’ve enjoyed this year (there are so many more artists we could and should include on this download but we had to exercise some restraint). Curating and putting this together is super rewarding — so we just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed a song!”

Dana Reandelar

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