Belle and Sebastian Share New Single “The Cat With The Cream”


Later this month, the twee indie pop genius group known as Belle and Sebastian will return with their first album in nearly five years, Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance. It will be the follow-up to 2010’s effort, Belle and Sebastian Write About Love.

Upon releasing a few songs already, today the band has shared another single from the new release called “The Cat With the Cream.” The song returns to the more slow and majestic era of B&S, but drips with the production that really enhances the experience instead of taking away from the old flavor where it was really slick and raw, but pure. The violins and strings are a perfect enhancement and help the track dance along until the very end. As an old fan, it’s nice to hear them mix the style that they got big for into a evenly produced slower song that fits in with the dance-y/synth-driven tracks that they have shown us with some of the other newer songs.

Check the track out at below and let us know what you think.

Girls In Peacetime Want to Dance will be released on January 20.

Corey From

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