Kelly Clarkson’s New Song Sounds A Little Like Jimmy Eat World


We have encountered a number of similarities in songs over the last few years. The most recent one that comes to mind being a debate over One Direction‘s “Steal My Girl” and its uncanny resemblance to the piano intro in New Found Glory‘s Coming Home single “It’s Not Your Fault.” Today, the first similarity of 2015 was discovered, and it brings together two acts you would never expect to see mentioned in the same sentence: Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy Eat World.

Let me explain: Earlier this afternoon, Kelly Clarkson surprised fans with the release of a new track titled “Heartbeat Song.” It’s a catchy number that will no doubt make its way to radio soon, but what stands out the most is how the chorus seems to borrow its melody from the Jimmy Eat World classic “The Middle.” You know, the one about how “It just takes some time / Little girl you’re in the middle of the ride / Everything, everything will be just fine / Everything, everything will be alright, alright”? The words have been changed, but if you sing that song to yourself while streaming the track below the similarities are undeniable:

In case you forgot the Jimmy Eat World song in question, watch this:

I’m sure the internet will soon tell me Jimmy Eat World actually borrowed the melody in “The Middle” from another song that is a decade or two older, which in fact borrowed its melody from a song first made famous in an underground speakeasy with no name, but as far as I know it’s something that belongs solely to the members of JEW. I doubt they will be upset with Clarkson’s reinterpretation, but it’s definitely going to be hard for people who enjoy both artists to separate the two tracks when singing along to the radio, especially if drinking is involved.

Clarkson has a new album due out this year. I hope to every deity you may or may not choose to believe in that the same can be said for Jimmy Eat World. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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