Live Bootleg Leaked Of 25-Year-Old Nirvana Concert


What a catch this is for super fans of Nirvana (myself included): a live bootleg of an early Nirvana concert has surfaced.

The concert occurred on January 12, 1990 at the Satyricon in Portland, OR. Clocking in at 54 minutes, the set includes a vast aroma of songs off the band’s debut album, Bleach, as well as early renditions of “Breed” and “Polly,” which would later appear on their classic album, Nevermind. The raw recording features Dale Crover of The Melvins on drums, thus seeing famed drummer/current Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl, not yet being part of the band. It is also rumored that this marked the night that frontman Kurt Cobain met his future wife, Courtney Love.

Turn back time and stream the concert below after the jump and check out the setlist from that night as well.

‘Floyd The Barber’
‘Love Buzz’
‘Big Cheese’
‘Spank Thru’
‘Molly’s Lips’
‘Been A Son’
‘Negative Creep’

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    Video is no longer available!

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