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Long Island based independent film Bridge and Tunnel is now available to stream for free online. If you may not have the extra dough to purchase the film on a whim, why don’t you give it a chance and stream it first? They’ve got a donation box next to it just in case.

Director Jason Michael Brescia felt it was important to make the film available to the public, especially considering the movie’s demographic.

“The reason we’re giving it away for free is because we don’t think it’s right that twentysomethings, or anyone for that matter, should have to pay to see a movie about the struggles of the working-poor twentysomethings or natural disaster victims we’re actually depicting in this film,” said Brescia.

The story chronicles the lives of New Yorkers’ post college graduation who are facing the harsh realities of debt, love, and life as an adult. Bridge and Tunnel has been featured prominently on UTG and has been creating quite a buzz.

Just weeks ago, the film hosted a soundtrack release concert at Webster Hall in New York City, featuring performances by John Nolan, Vinnie Caruana, Gabriel the Marine, Dan Pursino, and more. All of these artists are featured in the film, and the original score was created by Ryan Hunter (NK, Envy On The Coast). Recently, they released a brand new music video for John Nolan’s original track “Here Come’s The Wolf.”

To accompany the hard copy release of the film, you can order a unique limited edition vinyl featuring all of the aforementioned artists which is being released through Enjoy The Ride Records. If you’re interested in a kick-ass package, head over to B+T‘s Indiegogo page where you can claim anything from vinyl to Blu-rays to limited edition bobbleheads.

To get in touch with the team behind the film, find them on Facebook or Twitter, I’m sure they’d love to hear what you think!

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