Wake Up With Two Gorgeous Dream Pop Songs by Carmen Villain

Carmen Villain

It’s not often that dream pop hits our ears and we feel like we haven’t heard anything like it before. Thankfully that’s the case for Carmen Villain. The US-born, half-Norwegian, half-Mexican musician is releasing a brand new “Quietly/Let Go” 7-inch on January 20 digitally and February 10 physically via Smalltown Supersound. Let out one last yawn, stretch your limbs, and take your time getting ready this morning. Her gorgeous tracks will make you feel like you’re watching the sunrise all over again.

The 7-inch is a followup to her 2013 debut LP Sleeper and has two brand new songs, both of which are slow, dreamy, slightly-drone synth pop. While “Let Go” scatters bird chirps throughout its piece for a cut of nature, “Quietly” takes a more traditional approach, drawing the listener into an echoing room carefully outlined with guitar. They’re a beautiful introduction to an artist worth keeping your eye on.

Hear “Quietly” and “Let Go” below:

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