Broken Lips Share New Single, “Chains of Grudge”

broken lips

The post-hardcore foursome known as Broken Lips have released their first song of the new year. After relocating to San Diego and putting the finishing touches on the lineup, the band has begun work on their second, yet-untitled EP.

The song, “Chains of Grudge,” talks about the band’s journey, after moving across the pond from Puerto Rico and diving headfirst into the music industry. They released the single and accompanied it with a vibrant and dark music video.

Frontwoman Rubina Altreche had a few words to say about the heaviness and impact of the change described in the new song: “‘Chains of Grudge’ is about moving forward in spite of everything that tries to hold you back — like mistakes, doubt and criticism. We all have elements in our life which we can’t physically see, but we feel we can never overcome. This is represented by the ghost in our video. ‘These chains of grudge will end when I return to dust.'”

Check the video for “Chains of Grudge” after the jump, and if you want to get more into this band, check out their Facebook or follow them on Twitter. The EP, No Option But Answers, is also available now.

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