S. Carey Releases Beautiful EPK For ‘Supermoon’

S. Carey

If you hadn’t noticed, I LOVE S. Carey, especially his latest LP, Range Of Light.

With that, I am happy to say that his newly released EPK for the upcoming EP Supermoon, complements the atmopsheres touched on Range Of Light and grant the listener a better insight to where S. Carey finds his illumination, specifically in family and nature.

The near seven-minute video shows S. Carey traversing all fields of nature, commentating on how nature, and the wilderness can illuminate his music.

Noting that family has had a huge influence on Range Of Light, S. Carey delves deep into a naturalist’s mindset to help write and structure songs.

“Wilderness to me, is just a way for me to really connect with the Earth, and with everything around me and my spiritual side. There has definitely been a lot moments when I have been out in the stream where ill think of a lyric, or songs I’ve been working on will get stuck in my head. its really a place where I feel super alive. “

Follow us after the jump to view the Supermoon EPK, and be sure to pre-order the EP here.

Drew Caruso

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