Petite Meller’s “Baby Love” Video Reminds Us Of Wes Anderson


We love great pop music around UTG, but truth be told coming across that kind of material is often a near impossible task. There is so much disposable music made for clubs and radio today that sifting through long enough to find something worthy of more than five replays is often a daunting proposition. Fortunately for you, such work is what we love to do, and today we have yet another promising young act to share.

Petite Meller is a name many don’t know yet, but it is only a matter of time before her latest single, “Baby Love,” finds its way to terrestrial radio. It’s the kind of infectious pop song that was made with dance floors in mind. Not the bump and grind type of club dance scene either, but rather a feel-good disco type setting where everyone dances because it’s the only way they know how to express themselves. This idea is mirrored in the video, which finds Meller dancing her way through various African locales. You can view the clip below:

The surreal video above was inspired by cinematic scenes from Brigitte Bardot’s 1956 film, And God Created Woman. I don’t know about you, but when I watch this video I cannot shake the impression I’m watching a Wes Anderson short. Everything from the colors to the way shots are framed and executed screams of having been inspired by films like The Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom. That’s certainly not a complaint, but it is worth noting.

“Baby Love is my Freudianic term for ‘Jouissance’ (Enjoyment)- a transcendental dance of love, an a’Cappella to convey pleasure out of pain,” Petite Meller explained to AltSounds when discussing the single.

We think Meller has a bright future, and we’re certain “Baby Love” will be making its way to a radio station near you in no time at all. Comment below and let us know if you think Petite has what it takes to become the next big thing in pop music.

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