UTG PREMIERE: The Grape And The Grain – “Burnt By The Sun (alternate version)”

the grape and the grain single premiere burnt by the sun

The Grape And The Grain is one of those bands that is simply doing everything right. Within each song the band mixes and melds the proper doses of rock ‘n’ roll, folk, singer-songwriter, and downright addictive storytelling. Under The Gun Review is premiering the band’s second single off of the upcoming acoustic EP, “Burnt By The Sun.”

The song is dirty and abrasive — it’s like taking a shot of whiskey with your ears. Frontman Daniel Grimsland had this to say about “Burnt By The Sun”:

“Burnt By The Sun” is one of my favorites that we’ve done so far. The original musical idea for this song was written on acoustic guitar and was a bit bluesier than what wound up on our self-titled record. So it was fun to return to the song and re-imagine it more in the way that it was first conceived.

This version has more of a country influence than the original idea or what wound up on our self-titled record. Lyrically this song talks about the struggle of just living. Guys like myself and my father, who is referenced in the song, we grew up having to work hard. I’ve painted houses for a number of years, or worked on construction sites, and it was my father who taught me how to do many of those things. He is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever known. He unfortunately never got his break and worked hard his whole life to take care of his family. That is what inspired this song lyrically. We recorded this song, and a few others at home. We plan to release those songs as an EP entitled “At Home” in the summer of 2015.

Listen to the full track below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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