Deafheaven Side Project Creepers Share “Vanishing” Music Video


Deafheaven side project Creepers are back with a brand new video for “Vanishing” off of their debut LP, Lush, which dropped in October of last year. You can order it here.

Directed by Drew Pearson, the short clip matches bright, faded images of planes and passed-out people with the dark riffs of “Vanishing,” one of their seven new songs from last year’s release. When two of Deafheaven’s members decided to peel off to form a rockier, layered sound that circles dream-like vocals, they never expected it to grow as comfortable and whole as it sounds. As you can hear in the video, it works quite well.

Watch it below:

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  • WalterIrwin

    Being led here because of Deafheaven, Creepers sound like a band that has lost it’s balls…that is if they had any to begin with.