Dick Diver Share New Single “Tearing the Posters Down”

Dick Diver Melbourne Florida

With the music world falling in love with Twerps and Real Estate’s casually cool riffs, it’s pretty evident college rock is making a return. Indie rock act Dick Diver are no exception to the new rule. The four piece dropped “Waste The Alphabet” last year from their upcoming third full-length, Melbourne, Florida, due out March 10 via Trouble In Mind. With their newest single, “Tearing the Posters Down,” they’re freshening things up and reminding us why jangly guitar is more than just an early-20s staple.

Recorded in an ex-sheep-shearing shed, “Tearing the Posters Down” rolls with an assured, light-hearted tone. All four songwriters are sonically at peace with one another. There’s no clear frontman or decided leader. Instead, they toss their hands in on top of one another to rep Australia’s new wave of pop. Give it a listen below and keep your ears peeled for their charming licks:

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