Kelly Clarkson Shares Uplifting Video For “Heartbeat Song”


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Kelly Clarkson is looking to corner the lovesick pop anthem market with “Heartbeat Song.” The track, which we originally panned because of its striking similarity to Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle,” has become a fast-rising hit at radio and now has an incredible video to help it attract even more fans.

Released this morning, the official video for “Heartbeat Song” could almost double as an ad for getting over whoever did you wrong in the past. The clip follows several individuals and couples from all walks of life as they experience romance and the heartache that sometimes follows. There’s also a gorgeous performance element involving Clarkson dancing in a sea of bright colors, but it’s a sequence that takes a distant back seat to the central narrative(s). You can view the video below:

Aside from dropping this just before Valentine’s Day, now is probably the best time Clarkson could possibly have hoped for to share a lush anthem about romance like the one heard in “Heartbeat Song.” The track is growing on me, but it’s still hard to shake how much it reminds me of JEW. Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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