Second ‘Furious 7’ Trailer Teases “One Last Ride”

Furious 7

There was a time when it seemed like the Fast And Furious franchise would live forever. Then the untimely death of Paul Walker cast doubts on the longevity of the series, including the upcoming seventh installment, which was in production at the time of his passing. Universal found a way to complete the picture, however, and now it seems like the world’s longest running car racing franchise may soon be the studio’s golden goose once more.

Today, a second trailer for Furious 7 found its way online. The video features footage from the first trailer combined with the quick clips shown during the film’s Super Bowl ad, along with several brief glimpses at insane sequences we’ve never seen before now. It’s a wild, 3-minute ride that doesn’t feel as spoiler-filled as its absurdly long runtime would suggest. You can view the trailer below:

This will definitely be the last film Paul Walker’s character appears in, though it is unclear at this time how he will exit the series. Whether or not additional Fast And Furious films will be made remains to be seen, but if this film makes anywhere near as much money as its predecessors I think we can expect many more adventures in the years to come.

Furious 7 opens April 3.

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