Rich Homie Quan Disses Lil Wayne On “Whatever”


Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug have been releasing collaborative tracks for the last few months, and as far as we can tell there is no end in sight. They haven’t announced a mixtape or anything else along the way, either. They seemingly share music for nothing more than the desire to keep their names in headlines, but today things hit a new level of interesting when Quan dissed Lil Wayne mid-verse.

Yes, the newest king of Atlanta’s rap scene has apparently set his sights on Lil Wayne with his bars on “Whatever.” The song, which premiered online early Tuesday morning, finds Quan going in against the New Orleans native with the lines “I been fucking with Wayne ever since the Hot Boyz, remember lights out. It’s the same, everybody rapping, but he ain’t hot now.” You can stream the song below.

Young Thug also has bars on the tracks, but he doesn’t address Quan’s comments, nor does he throw any shade of his own. His contribution, for the most part, is the same stuff we hear on essentially every loosie Thugga Thugga chooses to share. That’s not to say it is bad, but it is familiar.

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  • BigBawseHawg

    Wayne finna ether these niggas now. Career derailed. Don’t ever throw shade on someone with the lyricism the caliber of wayne he we will eat you for lunch

  • Adeezydadon

    Lmao lol Wayne and lyricism. Wayne trash his bars recycled. Second note quan worse then him.

  • BigBawseHawg

    Lmao!! Are u fucking kidding me. Wayne been spittin Fire his only flaw is that he gave so much of his music away for free in mixtapes that he over saturated his Fanbase with it and it got old. He never fell off just gave us too much. he Finna reivent the game again though wayne the GOAT!!!

  • Tarzan!

    He ain’t diss Wayne.. He said I been fucking with wayne.. then the ad-lib say “Wayne what it do”.. That’s a shout out the next line got nothing to do with wayne lol

  • BigBawseHawg

    Yea u rite

  • Raul Del River

    Wayne has been Thugga and Quan figure n inspiration man, now they’re paying wayne with diss? what an hipocrisy

  • thegoodzz

    “the lyricism the caliber of wayne” hahaha dont make me laugh.. to late