Watch Haim And Morris Day Perform “Jungle Love” On Kimmel


Fresh off an appearance at The Grammys this past Sunday, the women of Haim joined the iconic Morris Day last night on Kimmel for a performance of “Jungle Love.”

For those of you wondering who Morris Day is and/or why this is a story worth caring about, aside from the appearance of Haim, then I must request every single one of you go home this evening and find a way to watch a little film called Purple Rain. Morris Day, as well as his the band Morris Day and The Time, went from known musicians to overnight superstars upon the release of that feature, and it was their single “Jungle Love” that earned them global recognition from pop connoisseurs. The group was given a second chance at fame with an appearance in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, and are now making the headline again thanks to a little help from Haim. You can view last night’s performance below.

I don’t know what Morris Day has planned for the year ahead, but Haim are due to release a new album sometime before winter arrives. It’s one of our most anticipated records of the year, so you can expect plenty of coverage around the trio in the months to come. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.


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