Taylor Swift Shares “Style” Video


Keeping the 1989 promotion machine running at full steam, Taylor Swift has released the official video for “Style.”

Rumored to be a song written about the singer’s relationship with One Direction member Harry Styles, whose name plays a little too well with the title, “Style” is yet another T. Swift song written about love on the rocks. This time around it’s not as much about heartache as it is connecting with someone you can never really call your own. You love each other, you care for one another, but for whatever reason the world continously pulls you in separate directions. When you find one another again however, everything is just as it was before. You may never be together, but your attraction will never go out of style (get it?). You can view the video below.

Taylor tweeted this week that in only 3.5 months 1989 has outsold Red, Swift’s previous record, which has been on shelves for over two years. Anyone who thinks the Swift hype will die anytime soon is a fool. Follow UTG on Twitter to learn what Taylor does next.

James Shotwell

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