UTG PHOTOS: Into It. Over It., Kevin Devine and Laura Stevenson in Philadelphia, PA (2/7/15)

Into It. Over It. Cover

Under The Gun welcomes new photographer, Ally Newbold, as she attended The Sanctuary in Philadelphia, PA on 2/7/15.

One of my first shows in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was at the First Unitarian Church. Imagine a humid, sweaty basement filled with over 500 people, no barricade and cheap PBR getting tossed among the crowd. When exiting the Church after a show, you walk out covered in other people’s sweat, amongst your own, drenched in booze; the smelliest you’ve been in a hot minute. I went to the First Unitarian Church to see Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It., Kevin Devine and Laura Stevenson, and this time the show was located in the upstairs sanctuary so I left looking and smelling just as great as when I walked in.

The show kicked off with the always wonderful Laura Stevenson. Every time I have seen Laura Stevenson perform, I cannot help but smile throughout the entire set. As one of the most talented singer-songwriters in our music scene, it is important to note that Laura’s commentary throughout her set is by far some of my favorite coming from a live performer. Laura always has something witty to say and her warm personality shows. Laura’s acoustic performance included some of my favorite songs, such as “The Move” off of her most recent release, Wheel, and ended the set with “Barnacles” off of Sit Resist.

Next up was the incredibly talented Kevin Devine. This was my first time seeing an acoustic performance by Devine and I knew I was in for a real treat. When Kevin walked on stage he immediately started making jokes, saying that the real Kevin Devine will be out in a few minutes while he tuned his guitar. I think I can speak for most of the crowd but his set left us speechless. The crowd gave Kevin a standing ovation, cheering for more songs after he concluded his set with my personal favorite Kevin Devine song, “Brother’s Blood.”

Following KD was hometown hero, Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It. There’s always something special about seeing one of your favorite local artists perform in such a special environment. With the announcement of the Church taking on fewer shows, I knew this show was extremely special to Evan Weiss, as he grew up going to shows here for years. Rushing over here from performing another sold-out show with his first band, The Progress, at Union Transfer with The Wonder Years and Fireworks, Evan’s love for Philadelphia showed immensely. Evan’s set was something I do not think I will ever forget. He told us stories about his songs, stories about his family and his past relationships. This was the first time I ever went to a sold-out show of roughly 500 where I felt so included and so connected to the artist. Evan performed a handful of songs including “Anchor,” “Augusta, Georgia,” and an Everyone, Everywhere cover, “Raw Bar OBX 2002.” Overall, this truly was a night to remember for all involved.

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Check out the rest of Ally’s work at www.allynewbold.com

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