REVIEW: S. Carey – ‘Supermoon’

s carey supermoon

Artist: S. Carey
Album: Supermoon
Genre: Indie

S. Carey‘s sophomore LP Range Of Light was a dense album, and I mean that in the best way possible. Some of the album’s best moments come from finding new layers or textures months after the initial listen. It was a sonic narrative that was meant to encompass of all Sean Carey’s appreciation and love of nature with music.

While the journey provided on Range Of Light was exactly what it meant to be in my mind, the beauty of S. Carey as a musician is his versatility. With that comes Supermoon, a new EP featuring four stripped-down re-imaginings of previous tracks, as well as the new “Supermoon” and a cover of Radiohead’s “Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was.”

For those unaware, a supermoon is a really interesting and captivating moment in astrophysics. As we know, our Moon orbits the Earth. The Moon is considered a supermoon when it is a full moon, or a new moon, and is at its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit. This creates the largest and clearest image of the Moon one could have from the naked eye on Earth.

S. Carey will easily swoon over fans once again with the hauntingly beautiful renditions of “Fire-scene,” “We Fell,” “In The Stream,” and “Neverending Fountain.” As Range Of Light had many layers, including the vocal tracks, Carey uses them in an incredibly minimalistic way here, making sure every sonic resonance counts.

Supermoon was primarily recorded during the supermoon event in August 2014. This instills a vibe of bareness and naturalism that is felt on the renditions of the tracks. The EP rings strong of piano and vocals, with other ambient sounds mixed in, all while keeping the tracks relatively bare. The idea of Supermoon is to strip things down into their essential parts, if only for a bit. Just as the Moon will return to normal orbit and become less super there are still means to revel in its simplistic beauty.

SCORE: 9/10
Review written by Drew Caruso — Follow him on Twitter

Drew Caruso

Drew Caruso is a Bostonian who, when not writing about music and film, spends his time getting lost in New England, reading books, talking about science whether people want to listen or not, and more. To see the thoughts of a scientist by day and a writer by night, follow him on Twitter.
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