Daisyhead Release Melodically Moving New Single, “East Bend”


Over the course of the past year or so, Daisyhead have cemented themselves on our radar here at UTG. From their 2014 split with Have Mercy to their well-received Jimmy Eat World cover that was featured on No Sleep’s A Comp For Mom, the band continues to prove their worth in the alternative scene alongside bands like Balance And Composure, Citizen and Basement.

Their most recent effort, The Smallest Light, is shaping up to be a huge step forward for the Nashville quartet, if the singles released so far are any indication to go by. Following “Take” and “Lost Her” comes “East Bend,” the most melodically soaring and affecting yet of the bunch. Premiering over at Substream today, the new track has been on an endless repeat cycle for me personally with its two predecessors from The Smallest Light.

Stream the new single below and pre-order the album before it releases via No Sleep Records on March 3.

Brian Leak

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