UTG PREMIERE: Rain City Rockers – “Digimon”

rain city rockers cover song digimon

North American punk supergroup Rain City Rockers are playing on the listener’s sense of nostalgia with their latest release, The Anime EP. Consisting of members from legendary bands such as Sum 41, Goldfinger, and Mob, the group delivers clever, almost ornery renditions of fan-favorite anime songs ranging from Pokemon to Dragon Ball Z to today’s premiere — “Digimon.”

You know Digimon, right? The digital monsters that invaded international households in the late ’90s were undoubtably my go-to entertainment every Saturday morning. Oh, where the times have gone.

Follow the jump to read an exclusive quote from Rain City Rockers frontman Andrew Conroy and to stream the band’s take on the Digimon theme song. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Andrew Conroy on the “Digimon” theme song cover:

‘Digimon’ was one of my absolute favourite shows growing up. Every Saturday morning I was waking up just to watch a new episode on Fox Kids. I’m really excited for the new series coming out this year, especially because it is a direct sequel to the original series. I’m interested to see where the characters are at now. The group always had a good dynamic, and the ensemble made the show a lot stronger.

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