Watch Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall Stop Security From Choking Fan Mid-Show

Tonight Alive

When Australia pop rock outfit Tonight Alive first burst onto the international alternative scene there were some who were quick to call their punk/edge into question. It may say 2015 on our calendars, but for whatever reason there are still trolls hiding in various corners of the planet who do not believe female-led bands can be as tough as bands filled with all male members. If that description applies to you, and I truly hope it does not, then all I have to say is that your world view is about to be changed.

Over the weekend, Tonight Alive were one of many bands who chose to take part in the Australia’s popular Soundwave music festival. By all accounts the band sounded as good as ever, but the afternoon took a turn for the worse when one excited fan attempted to jump the barrier and rush the stage in order to obtain a high five from lead singer Jenna McDougall. When this occurred, a number of security guards pounced on the young man, and in doing so pinned him to the ground. McDougall quickly hopped off stage to see what was transpiring, and in that moment noticed the guards beginning to choke the concertgoer, all while standing directly in front of center stage. McDougall called for peace, but not before at least one guard got his hands around the fan’s throat. You can view images and video related to the incident below.

After their set had ended, McDougall encouraged fans to share their recollection of what happened with festival organizers via social media. She also tweeted her frustrations, commenting “Security are hired to protect.. Not to tackle, choke hold, push or physical assault our fans. Im extremely disappointed.”

As far as we know, organizers for Soundwave have yet to comment on this situation. We understand security are hired to keep things under control, but it seems clear from the evidence made available from people on site that at least one member of the security detail went too far with their actions. Comment and let us know if you agree.

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