LISTEN: Speedy Ortiz – “The Graduates”

Speedy Ortiz

The first single, “Raising The Skate,” from Speedy Ortiz‘s recently announced third LP, Foil Deer, had an infectious and almost lackadaisical feel to it, but never lost its immediacy. This is a common theme in the foursome’s songs, and the latest single from the album, “The Graduates,” only perpetuates their unique position in the music scene.

Said single also further proved what many already knew: Speedy Ortiz know how to write a hook that won’t leave your head for a week. “I was the best at being second place but now I’m just the runner up” is the line everyone will be singing along to during Speedy Ortiz’s upcoming tour, so do yourself a favor and listen to the track below so you can be a part of the energy.

Foil Deer is being released by Carpark Records on April 21.

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