Around Town Collective Artists Cover Each Other on New Compilation (Stream)

around town collective

California DIY label Around Town Collective has been putting out killer releases in Northern California (Redding/Chico area) since 2007. We’ve raved about their work before, but now they’ve done something new in releasing a 9-track compilation, titled Dinner Conversations, on which ATC artists cover each other. The release features covers of Boy Elephant, Thomas Fogg, Belda Beast, Andrew Campbell and more, performed by Baltic Girls, Zach Zeller, Fera and P.A. Harper, just to name a few.

On the Bandcamp page for the release (where you can download it with a ‘name your price’ option), the label shares: “Over the years, Around Town Collective artists have released hundreds of songs. We thought it would be fun for each artist to choose one or two of their favorites to cover. This album is a ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported the ATC since it began in 2007.”

You can stream Dinner Conversations below, and be sure to check out the label’s vast array of artists via their website.

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