Motionless In White Involved In Van Accident


?Winter is a dangerous time to be traveling across the country, especially between Wyoming and Utah. There is a stretch of I-80 that’s particularly treacherous, and there are plenty of musicians who can attest to the very real danger they face while on the road. We’ve already seen our fair share of accidents this season, and Motionless In White have become the latest victims of Mother Nature. The band confirmed via Facebook that they were involved in an accident while driving I-80. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, and they had a second van that they could pile into and continue on.

You can view some pictures the group took of their van, as well as their original Facebook status update, below. We’re glad that everyone is alright!

Van accident 2

van accident copy

Well, after years of touring the country in the winter, 2 days ago we finally experienced the wrath of the notorious stretch of Interstate 80 between Cheyenne WY and Salt Lake that everyone seems to wreck on.

We are all 100% okay, and considering the tragedy and loss far greater than ours that many other bands/people in general have suffered on I-80 or I-70, we are incredibly lucky and grateful that all we lost was a van and not someones life.

Fortunately for us, we are traveling with 2 vans on this tour and we were able to jump in our other van with our crew members and continue on the tour as planned. All upcoming dates of the tour remain entirely intact and nothing has changed. We’re still coming!

We do want to extend a special thank you to the fans in SLC for their understanding in us pushing the show a day forward so we had time to make it last night. Regardless of what has happened, this has seriously been the best tour we can say that we have ever done. The crowds have been unbelievable every night and we are so thankful to everyone who has attended and anyone who is planning on coming out to a show for making it all worth it. To anyone out there driving in winter conditions, please be safe!

We hope to see you soon. Thank you!


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